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Kanji 道珍
Romaji Dochin
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Weapon N/A
Phase N/A
Occupation Exorcist-In-Training
Family N/A
Me?! Scared?! Huh! Never!

Dochin (どちん) is one of the supporting characters of the game. He is the youngest of Doman's disciples and the son of a famous exorcist.

Like the other students, he enters the Manor to investigate the strange happenings.

Since he was not born as a noble, he was sent to Doman for training. Being so young, his magic is still undeveloped. He tries to act mature and be responsible, but his age shows through at times. His inexperience with demons frightens him, although he does his best to remain strong.

Yang PhaseEdit

In the beginning, Dochin enters the Manor and stays with Sakuya at the Carriage.

Inside the Manor, Sakuya sees Dochin performing the "Cleansing" Ritual. He tells her to perform it too. Dochin then entices the Gaki that is blocking the stairs leading to the Garden. When Sakuya finally gathers all the disks and spikes, she encounters Dochin outside the shrine. Together, they enter the Temple.

Dochin decides to guard the "rear" while Sakuya explores the Temple.

When Sakuya is about to go back to the entrance after checking the underground passage, she sees Dochin running towards her. The frightened and desperate young boy begs for her help, but before Sakuya can react, Dochin is dragged and killed by Lady Fujiwara.


  • Except for Sakuya, the names of the rest of Doman's disciples, including his, starts with "Do". The Kanji "Do" 道 means path or way.