Dochin's Writings: Vol. 1
Dochins writings vol 1
Name Dochin's Writings Vol. 1
Type Writings
Location Manor: Guard
Written by Dochin in his distinctive handwritting.

Dochin's Writings: Vol. 1 is a document in Kuon found in the Yang Phase.


I need to pass by the front of the main building, but there are gakis lurking there.

That's why I'm afraid to go there. In any case, to avoid a needless struggle with the gakis, I must avoid been seen by them.

I can use the corpse under the eaves as a decoy! Since the gakis are attracted by blood, they'll start devouring the corpse right away.

Maybe then, they won't notice me.

I'm so smart I surprised myself sometimes. Soon I'll be as famous as Master Doman.

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