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Kanji 道戒
Romaji Dokai
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Weapon N/A
Phase N/A
Occupation Exorcist-In-Training / Resarcher
Family N/A
I want to merge with you.

Dokai (どかい) is one of the supporting characters and a minor antagonist of the game. He is the oldest of Doman's disciples.

Dokai is an extremely intelligent exorcist and a faithful disciple of Doman. He is determined to solve the mystery of Lord Fujiwara 's Manor.

He's fully committed to his research and furthering his knowledge. Dokai is always found carrying his journal and logs his every discovery.

Yin PhaseEdit

Playing as Utsuki, Dokai can be seen hiding in the study room behind the Shrine. He is surprised when Utsuki approaches him and ran away. Cornered, Dokai finally attacks Utsuki in the Storage Area and is defeated.

Yang PhaseEdit

Dokai enters the Manor with his fellow students. Sakuya sees Dokai in one of the rooms she entered and he tells her to get out.

For some reasons, Dokai found a way to the Shrine where Doman and his family lives. He sees Sakuya enter a room and follows her. Once Sakuya is inside the Shrine, Dokai seals all the doors and trap her due to his desire to merge with Sakuya. Sakuya fights him and he is defeated.


  • It is not yet clear why Dokai turns into an undead. It is assumed that someone performs the wicker chest ritual into him or that he performs the ritual on himself.
  • There is a possibilty that the creature inside the cocoon at Utsuki's house is Dokai.
  • Dokai has a great resemblance with the Yellow Disciple that has been encountered on the Fish Hut.
  • Except for Sakuya, the names of the rest of Doman's disciples, including his, starts with "Do". The Kanji "Do" 道 means path or way.