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Kanji 道満 芦屋
Romaji Doman Ashiya
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Weapon N/A
Phase N/A
Occupation Royal Exorcist/Civilian Exorcist
Family Kureha (daughter)
Utsuki (daughter)
Ah! Seimei! I wait for your return!

Doman (どまん) is the main antagonist of the game and the father of Utsuki and Kureha.

He used to be a Royal Exorcist, and works at the Manor of Lord Fujiwara. Due to his questionable behaviour, he left the Manor and decided to become a Civilian Exorcist. He employed four persons as his disciples: Sakuya , Doryo , Dochin and Dokai . He considers Abe No Seimei as his rival.

Doman is a mad scientist, immoral and murderer. 

He completed his training and adapted his technique from local magic. The emperor's high exorcists say that he does not follow the ways of tradition and that he believes that a visible reward is the most important thing. His influence has become stronger in the last few years and it has gained him many followers. It is said that his technique is as good as the best Imperial exorcist, Seimei.


Doman learned the Kuon spell, probably from the Mulberry twins. He used his own daughters and students to perfect the Spell and to defeat Seimei. Once the spell was completed, there would be immortality.

When Kureha died, he ressurected her by using the Kuon Spell. He entered the Manor of Lord Fujiwara to prepare victims for Kureha to merge with.

Yin PhaseEdit

Doman's note sends Kureha and Utsuki into the Manor. He is found by Utsuki stuffing something inside a wicker chest. He tells her to leave and look for her sister.

After Utsuki wakes up from the chest in the Underground, Doman finds her and tells her to enter the chest again with Kureha. He also explains to Utsuki that she didn't kill her own sister.

Yang PhaseEdit

Kuon-20040817035716125 640w
Doman sends his students to the Manor in order to investigate the strange incidents.

Later on, Doman meets Sakuya in one of his rooms in the Underground. He is surprised to see her still alive. Doman tells Sakuya that he just used them as tools to perfect and complete the Kuon spell. Sakuya, driven mad from what she heard, attacks Doman but he counter-attacks, defeating Sakuya.

Kuon PhaseEdit

Doman finally meets Seimei again in his Lab. He tells Seimei that her body would be a lovely cocoon to perfect the spell and attacks her afterwards. Unfortunately, Seimei is powerful enough and defeats him. Dying, he tells Seimei that things would not turn out like that if he had completed the spell. Utsuki appears and drags Doman, later entering the wicker chest with his body.


  • Doman is based on the historic figure of the same name, an Onmyoji from the Heian Period . According to legends, he is the rival of Abe No Seimei
  • Doman may be considered as a non-sexist, since he treats Sakuya equally from the male students.


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