Doman's Book: Vol. 1
Domans book
Name Doman's Book: Vol. 1
Type Writings
Location Inner Sanctum
Document written by Doman concerning silkworms.

Doman's Book: Vol. 1 is a document in Kuon found in the Yin and Yang Phases.


My investigation of the silkworms worshipped at the shrine are nothing like ordinary silkworms.

The parents of the silkworms at this shrine are incarnation of the two mulberry trees. The mulberries on the trees are their eggs. Silkworms born from them have magical powers.

They can bring back the dead.

But this means they must feed from humans.

This dark magic suits me perfectly.

When the fusion of flesh has occured nine times, the spell shall be perfected.

When I've mastered this magic formula, you will whore yourself before me!