Doman's Book: Vol. 4
Domans book
Name Doman's Book: Vol. 4
Type Writings
Location Kuon Phase: Nursery
Document written by Doman. Concerning the mulberry.

Doman's Book: Vol. 4 is a document in Kuon found in the Kuon Phase.


Those twins... where did those two mulberry trees come from?

Rumor has it that the ancestors of the Hata clan found them somewhere and brought them.

I've never seen mulberry trees like them.

Or perhaps their seeds floated here from China, Korea or some other foreign land.

Once there was a man named Xu Fu, who came here from China seeking eternal youth and immortality.

Every age has its tools, as does every realm.

Eternal youth and immortality are nothing but illusions.

We enjoy life because we know we will die.

What greater pleasure is there in this world than to battle with one's mortal enemy and emerge victorious?