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Kanji 道涼
Romaji Doryo
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Weapon N/A
Phase N/A
Occupation Exorcist-In-Training
Family Sakuya (Sister)

Sakuya.. I decided to help this girl find her sister.

Doryo (どりょ) is one of the supporting characters of the game. Doryo is the "brother" of Sakuya and one of Doman's disciples.

He is also an Exorcist-In-Training. He devotes his work to Doman because of the acceptance he receives.

Doryo seems like a positive and a happy man. He thinks and views life a little different than most people. He has a kind heart and is friendly towards others. He is proud to be an exorcist and believes in the justice behind the dispelling of demons.

Yang PhaseEdit

Doryo enters the Manor with the other disciples, then sets out on his own path.

In the quarters, he teaches Sakuya how to use the Sacred Cloth in order to remove the Seals. He gives her the Sacred Cloth: Mercury and stays in the room.

Doryo then meets Utsuki and decides to help her find her sister Kureha. He tells Sakuya that Dochin is in the shrine and she must go and check on him.

When they find Kureha, they decide to go to the Shrine where the sisters live. He leads the way and assigns Sakuya to watch the girls backs.

Upon reaching the Shrine, it appears that Kureha and Doryo are already close friends. Doryo notices a Gaki that follows them, then sends Sakuya to exterminate it. While Sakuya is out, Doryo is killed by Kureha and she merges with his body.


  • It is not yet confirm if Doryo is actually Sakuya's biological brother. Some say he is her real brother and others say that Doryo is only LIKE a brother to Sakuya. In some cutscenes, Sakuya calls him "Doryo-sama" instead of "Onii-sama".
  • The merging of Kureha and Doryo is incomplete due to Sakuya's interruption. That's why when they come out from the chest, only the half-body of Kureha is merged with Doryo's.
  • Doryo's name means generosity.
  • Except for Sakuya, the names of the rest of Doman's disciples, including his, starts with "Do". The Kanji "Do" 道 means path or way.