Inspection Report: Vol. 2
Inspection vol. 2
Name Inspection Report: Vol. 2
Type Writings
Location Manor: Guard
Report on the inspection of Fujiwara's manor.

Inspection Report: Vol. 2 is a document in Kuon found in the Yang Phase.


March 21

I asked the elder priest if anything unusual had occurred at the manor. He was kind enough to answer my questions.

A long time ago, a demon appeared on the road to the west of the manor. The elder priest himself blocked the road with a sacred rope to keep the demon out.

The elder priest seems to know a bit about astrology.

He is very wise and his demeanor is calming. He seems far superior to the lazy astrologers we encounter so often.

Once this mission is completed, it might be a good idea to reccomend him to Seimei.

March 22

I went to see the sacred rope for myself. It is possible that a mere human was capable of sealing out a demon?

Such skills may even equal those of Master Seimei.