Inspection Report: Vol. 3
Inspection vol. 2
Name Inspection Report: Vol. 3
Type Writings
Location Temple: South
Report on the inspection of Fujiwara's manor.

Inspection Report: Vol. 3 is a document in Kuon found in the Yang Phase.


April 2

Gakis have taken over the manor.

Now that Lord Fujiwara is dead, I must protect his wife and children.

Some of the surviving servants claim to have seen their Lord. But I think their devotion to him caused them to hallucinate.

There is pure carnage in one of the rooms in the main building.

April 4

Lady Fujiwara suggested that I abandon the manor and go to the temple.

She seems to think that the gakis won't be able to enter a Buddhist temple. She believes that the temple, built long before the manor was, have miraculous powers.

She underestimates the gakis.

Perhaps it makes more sense to go there seeking death than to stay here waiting for it.

April 5

While fighting off a gaki on the way to the temple, I lost sight of Lady Fujiwara.

I hope she arrived safely there.