Kureha's Diary
Kurehas diary
Name Kureha's Diary
Type Writings
Location Utsuki's Room
Blood-spatted diary kept by Kureha.

Kureha's Diary is a document in Kuon found in the Yin and Yang Phases.


May 12

When I fell off the cliff, I thought I was going to die. But when I came to, there wasn't enough scratch on me.

I thought it was strange awaking in a wicker chest. I asked Utsuki about it, all she did was cry.

So sweet of her to be worried.

October 3

I've been feeling tired and weak for the past few days.

Utsuki keeps asking me if I'm all right. She mustn't find out how bad I really was.

October 13

There are strange marks all over my body. I'm hiding them best I can.

I'm sure my flesh is starting to rot. I've caught that horrible disease! I looked in all my books, but they don't mentioned it.

Utsuki keeps asking me how I feel. I don't like lying.

October 25

Yesterday I met some twins. I don't know when they arrived, but they told me to sleep with the silkworms in the chest for a night. Maybe, I was dreaming but I was desperate, so I did as they said. When I awoke, my body felt normal.

They must have been manifestations of the mulberry God.

November 5

I played with Utsuki today, for the first time in a while.

Perhaps because I haven't been active for some time, I felt flushed even when night fell.

March 4

"Everything will be all right." The twins said that I'll get better if I get inside the chest again. They said to look for a rat this time, rather than a silkworm.

I must hurry, or my arm will rot and fall off or maybe my legs. I envy Utsuki for her soft, healthy arms, legs and neck.

July 4

When I mentioned the Twins to Father, he told me about a ritualistic practice involving resurrection and cocoons.

He said that a revived corpse will start to rot, at which point it must become a cocoon. Each time fusing with a larger creature. This needs to be done nine times.

April 27

When I woke up inside the wicker chest, I realized that it was Utsuki who pushed me off the cliff!

She talks nonsense about irises and poems, while here I am in agony, my body beginning to rot!

Ah I wish I had her healthy skin.

May 7

Today I killed Utsuki. Her body will soon merge with mine.