Lady Fujiwara
Tumblr lpnx1fH2Qs1qbokfco1 500
Kanji 藤原
Romaji Lady Fujiwara
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Weapon N/A
Phase N/A
Occupation N/A
Family Fujiwara family
Lord Fujiwara (husband)
Ayako Fujiwara (daughter)
Fujiwara's Son (son)

Lady Fujiwara (ふじわら) is the wife of Lord Fujiwara and mother of Ayako Fujiwara. According to the servants, she was a caring and loving person.


When the disease spreads in the Manor, she took the "sick" people to the Temple Shrine. She locked them in, hoping to care for them and to isolate the disease.

She left a letter to her daughter, Ayako, saying that she should hide in her closet until she's away and would ring a bell if it's time for her to get out from her hiding place. If she isn't back for a few days, Ayako should gather the disks and spikes and head through the Shrine.

After a few days, Lady Fujiwara got sick and died until someone ressurects her with the Kuon ritual. Lady Fujiwara, unaware of this, did not repeat the process of the spell. Because of this, Lady Fujiwara develops an urge to eat human flesh. She ate her son and this cruel act is witnessed by the servant boy Miyoshimaru.

Yang PhaseEdit

Dochin is being chased by Lady Fujiwara inside the Shrine when he finds Sakuya in the Underground. He begs for help but is dragged by Lady Fujiwara instead. She kills him and attacks Sakuya next. However, she is defeated by the female disciple.


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