Lady Fujiwara's Diary: 1
Lfujiwaras diary
Name Lady Fujiwara's Diary: 1
Type Writings
Location Temple: South
Diary by Lady Fujiwara. It mentioned an illness.

Lady Fujiwara's Diary: 1 is a document in Kuon found in the Yang Phase.


April 5

I have decided to take the other sick people with me to the temple.

I dare not see Miyoshimaru or Ayako. I am no longer human.

I cannot allow my children to witness their mother's flesh rotting.

April 6

Fortunately, the priest was kind enough to take us in.

I ordered Miyoshimaru, the servant boy to seal the front gate. This way, the disease shouldn't spread any further.

April 9

Today I felt faint. Suddenly, I was inside a wicker chest.

There were no silkworms in the chest, only a centipede.

April 10

My neck is throbbing with pain. The muscles are stiff and swollen.

Does this mean that the disease is getting worse?

April 11

I asked the priest for a room in the temple, which he provided.

If I stay here, the disease shouldn't get any worse.