Lady Fujiwara's Diary: 2
Lfujiwaras diary 2
Name Lady Fujiwara's Diary: 2
Type Writings
Location Temple: South
Diary by Lady Fujiwara, white silk clings to it.

Lady Fujiwara's Diary: 2 is a document in Kuon found in the Yang Phase.


April 14

Many days have passed since I vowed to avoid other humans.

When I catch a glimpse of soft flesh, I am overwhelmed by the desire to eat it.

I cannot control this hunger. My body is no longer my own.

April 15

Alone in my room every day, with no one to talk to but the cat.

I'm so lonely.

April 17

Sometimes I hear a song.

When I hear it, my body aches, longing to chew flesh and drink blood.

But I must never go near my son or Ayako. A mother must never kill her own children!

April 18

Stroking the cat, I have a strange feeling.

The cat is so soft. Human skin must be much softer. And the children's skin is surely even softer.

April 19

I heard that song again and lost conciousness.

When I awakened, I was in a wicker chest. The cat lay next to me, dead. Strangely enough, I'm no longer lonely. For some reason, I feel calm and content.

There's something inside me.

April 22

Something is moving around. Whatever it is, it is extremely annoyed. I must be vigilant.

April 23

My son came to visit me. Ah, my sweet child! His flesh so very young tender.

He must have came because he was worried about his starving mother.