Here are placed the results of past polls on Kuon (九怨) Game Wikia:


August pollEdit

Poll created on August 4 and closed on September 4.

1290285087 9385 full
1290285068 9121 full

Who's your favorite main character?

  • Sakuya - 6 votes
  • Utsuki - 3 votes

(9 votes in total)

Winner: Sakuya

Sakuya wins with the double of votes of Utsuki.

September pollEdit

Poll created on September 4 and closed on October 4.

1290285087 9385 full

Who's your favorite main character?

  • Sakuya - 6 votes
  • Abe no Seimei - 4 votes

(10 votes in total)

Winner: Sakuya

Sakuya wins again, becoming the fan favorite protagonist of Kuon.

October pollEdit

Poll created on October 4 and closed on November 5.

1290285274 6197 full


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1290294908 1233 full

The Mulberry Twins

Who's the creepiest character in Kuon?

  • Doman - 0 votes
  • Kureha - 9 votes
  • The Mulberry Twins - 4 votes

(13 votes in total)

Winner: Kureha

Kureha is chosen as the creepiest of them, followed by the creepy Mulberry Twins. Poor Doman gets no votes.

November pollEdit

Poll created on November 5 and closed on December 5.

What do you like the most in Kuon?
The plot - 2 votes
The art style - 1 votes
The soundtrack - 0 votes
The battle system - 0 votes
The Heian period setting - 3 votes
(6 votes in total)

The Heian period setting is definetely an unique thing for a survival horror game like Kuon. Despite a bit confusing, the plot is interesting and the art style matches very well with the game, from scenarios to characters and enemies. The battle system is sadly the bad part for taking a long time to execute any spells or summons, as well as fight with the weapons. Though the soundtrack gets no votes, it's also another good thing, specially the game's theme song, Hashizoroe, sung by the Mulberry Twins in the game.

December pollEdit

Poll created on December 5 and closed on January 5.

Kuon-20050823020524649-1212292 640w
Who's your favorite character?
Sakuya - 4 votes
Kureha - 0 votes
(4 votes in total)

Sakuya (winner of the August and September polls) wins a third time by beating the winner of the October poll, Kureha.


January pollEdit

Poll created on January 5 and closed on February 5.

1182636-kuon utsuki large
New Image

Who's your favorite character?

  • Utsuki - 2 votes
  • Abe no Seimei - 2 votes

(4 votes in total)

No winners or losers, just a tie.

February pollEdit

Poll created on February 5 and closed on March 5.

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Who's your favorite character?
Abe no Seimei - 3 votes
Kureha - 0 votes
(3 votes in total)

Abe no Seimei wins getting all the votes, leaving Kureha with no votes.

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