Silkworm Journal: Vol. 1
Silkworm vol1
Name Silkworm Journal: Vol. 1
Type Writings
Location Yin Phase: Manor: Quarters
Records of silkworms kept by Miyoshimaru.

Silkworm Journal: Vol. 1 is a document in Kuon found in the Yin Phase.


June 17

The servant boy, Miyoshimaru, gave me some silkworms' eggs. I saw many of these black eggs on the mulberry leaves. When I thanked him and gave him a toy to play with, he bowed to me again and again.

Everyone ridicules Miyoshimaru and says he's feeble-minded. But I like his gentle soul.

June 18

I'm keeping these silkworms eggs a secret from my mother and sister. If they see them, they'll make a fuss because they're squeamish.

I watched them all day, but nothing happened. Tomorrow I'll ask Miyoshimaru if there's something special I need to do.

June 19

Miyoshimaru told me that the eggs will hatch in ten days. They need to be kept in a warm place.

I put them in a room that receives more sunlight.

June 22

The eggs are turning grey.

I was upset, because I thought they might have rotten. When I asked Miyoshimaru, he said they should hatch very soon.

June 24

The silkworms have broken out of their shells! They're very small, about the size of my fingertip and covered with fur.

Following Miyoshimaru's instructions, I gave them young mulberry leaves, which they gobbled up. At his rate, they'll grow quickly.