Silkworm Journal: Vol. 3
Name Silkworm Journal: Vol. 3
Type Writings
Location Yin Phase: Main Cellar
Blood-stained record of the silkworms' growth.

Silkworm Journal: Vol. 3 is a document in Kuon found in the Yin Phase.


July 21

I ran into the elder priest when I went to the shrine to get some mulberry leaves.

He looked at the worms and said, "These are normal silkworms unlike those found at the shrine."

I wonder if that's true.

July 24

I went to the temple to get mulberry leaves again today.

The elder priest wasn't there, but Miyoshimaru said he saw the twins. I didn't see them, but I know he wouldn't lie. When I returned from the shrine, the silkworms had started spinning cocoons.

July 25

The silkworms started spinning silk yesterday. Today they're cocoons. Miyoshimaru says we just have to wait.

The cocoons are beautiful. They glitter like silver thread in the sunlight.

July 27

The cocoons are just sitting there. Nothing is happening.

I shook them because I was afraid they were dead. They made a rattling sound.

Miyoshimaru laughed and said they'll hatch soon enough.

July 30

The moths have come out at last! After watching them for a while, I decided that it's cruel to shut them in a box.

I was going to take them outside and let them go, but Miyoshimaru stopped me.

He said they can't survive outside.

August 5

They all died as soon as they laid their eggs. Why do they have wings if they can't fly?