The Mulberry Twins
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Kanji 双子
Romaji Twins (The Mulberry Twins)
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Weapon N/A
Phase N/A
Occupation N/A
Family N/A
They're all dead. Ayako is the last one living. But is she still alive?

The Mulberry Twins are two of the antagonists of the game and considered as the masters minds of all the happenings.

They are wise, complex, youthful and considered as a tricker. The twins love to use someone so they can achieve their desires. They are happy when someone is hurt or dies and are usually seen singing the Hashizoroe song.


Hundred years ago, someone planted the Mulberry Trees. One at the Manor, and the other at the Shrine (Utsuki's home). Due to some unknown incidents, the trees were sealed.

When Doman moved to the Shrine, he got interested in the Mulberry Tree. He did some researches and experiments until the accident of Kureha occurred. To save his daughter, he unsealed the tree (by removing the spikes) and ressurects Kureha.

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When the tree was unsealed, the Mulberry Twins appeared. When Kureha died, the twins asked Utsuki if she wanted her back. Utsuki probably agreed, and Kureha was placed inside the wicker chest.

The night before the Manor investigation, the twins were seen in a room where Kureha entered the chest with the dead body of Lord Fujiwara.

Yin PhaseEdit

The twins were singing in front of the Temple Door when they met Utsuki. They told her that everyone is dead, except for Ayako, the daughter of Lord Fujiwara, then both ran away.

When Utsuki gains access to Ayako's hiding room, the twins enter the room saying that Ayako is just hiding after all.

At the end, the remaining twin is seen accompanying Utsuki at the Underground.

Yang PhaseEdit

Sakuya met the twins after she found Ayako.

At the temple shrine, the Twins can be seen running from room to room. They tricked Sakuya into entering the Underground.

At the near-end of the game, the remaining twin is mad at Sakuya for burning his twin (which is the Mulberry Tree located at the Shrine), so he sends Kureha after her.

Kuon PhaseEdit

The remaining twin is singing when Abe No Seimei finds Sakuya in the Manor: Tree. He tells her that the spell will soon be complete and a new child will be born. Seimei subdue the trees with some spikes but they are not enough.


After Utsuki enters the chest with Doman, the remaining twin tells Seimei that it is already late for them. Seimei knows it, but still sealed the tree with the spikes, killing the remaining twin.


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