Utsuki's Diary
Utsukis diary
Name Utsuki's Diary
Type Writings
Location Utsuki's Room
Utsuki's Diary, flowers decorate its cover.

Utsuki's Diary is a document in Kuon found in the Yang Phase.


April 21

Another day passed, but Father didn't return. I went outdoors for a walk, hoping that would lift my spirits.

The irises in the garden are about to bloom. The thought that they might bloom tomorrow made me feel a little more cheerful.

April 22

It's been drizzling since morning. I can't look after the irises in the rain.

Kureha stayed in her room because her body hurts when it rains.

I saw a cuckoo land under the eaves. How nice that he sings even in the rain!

April 23

It rained again today. Not a heavy rain, but a light, steady one. Leafing through Father's book, I found a poem about a cuckoo.

They say cuckoos are sentimental about the past. My past is the same as my present. I've never left here. I'd like to see what's outside.

April 24

I learned a poem recently. I recited 'till it annoyed my sister; so I stopped and wrote it down.

The village of scattered blossoms,

The cuckos sings for many days,

of unrequited love and those saved.

I wish my sister were as kind to me as she used to be.

April 26

My sister's cough has gotten worse.

"Bring me a crow," she said.

"Why do you want a crow?"

"Never mind, just bring me one," she kept saying.

I can't go outside and leave my sister alone. This is all my fault.

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